McAfee vs Panda

Mcafee and Panda are two big names in computer security, and they provide good protection for desktop computers.

Both include new features in their latest versions and some added utilities that improve usability and effectiveness.

Mcafee and Panda have some disappointing features too, and you’ll notice that they’re not the fastest and the most effective antivirus programs in the industry.

Mcafee still struggles with false positives and inaccurately flags safe files as malware (malicious software).

Panda Antivirus Pro also struggles with false positives and suffers from overprotecting. It is still missing a few advanced features that are present in other antivirus applications. But this year it introduces a gaming mode, home network manager, virtual keyboard and secure virtual browser.

So both Mcafee and Panda are impressive antivirus security programs, but so many others are better.

Removing Viruses and Spyware

Panda has received checkmark certification from West Coast Labs for its effective protection from viruses, malware and Trojans.

It has met requirements to be ICSA certified. And recent tests by AV-Comparatives were very positive, but the software struggled with “overprotecting” and false positives (identifying safe programs as malicious software).

One of the reasons Panda Antivirus Pro is such an effective program is due to its up-to-date technology, including advanced heuristic detection and a firewall.

It has the ability to monitor your wireless network and prevent intrusions.

All the major third-party testers like West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin and AV-Comparatives have found Mcafee Antivirus up to the task of protecting your PC.

Mcafee continues to receive high marks during tests and shows good detection and removal rates. But it continues to struggle with reporting safe files as malware. These false positives are more than just annoying and can cause big problems, like with the case in April 2010 when Mcafee falsely flagged a crucial Windows file as malware. And this caused major problems for many Windows XP users who deleted the svchost.exe file.

However form tests and reviews we’ve witnessed, Mcafee outperforms Panda and is our choice for malware protection.

Scope of Protection

Panda and Mcafee protect you from many threats including phishing scams, hackers and malware threats like viruses, spyware, rootkits, exploits and more.

Panda’s wide range of protection is made possible by incorporating traditional virus signatures and proactive heuristic detection with an integrated firewall.

Panda has made a big push with cloud based security. And their collective intelligence is their version of community security that makes each member a sensor for everyone else, all collaborating via the “cloud”.

Mcafee also has good all-round protection and includes a two-way firewall that provides excellent shielding.


Overall, Mcafee and Panda are competitive antivirus software programs, but they still lag behind a few others.

Mcafee has proven to be better than Panda and has added more features.

Visit Mcafee or Panda to make a purchase or for more info.

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